Awesome Amethyst $150


Justin’s Absolute Love $150


Rebecca’s Rhapsody $200

Dynamic Sunrise $200

Dr. Ramon Barnes $200

Artistic Expression $120

Light Drama $60


Samsational $150

Lighthouse Blaze $100


Dragon Flame $100


Bronze Dragon $80


Paula B. $100


Gigaflutter $100

Cowabunga $70

Mirah's Choice $70

Stunning $60

Ariana Astounding $60

Mombasa Memories $60

Pixie Laughter $60

Late Opulence $80

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Absolute Love”</td></tr>
	<tr><td align=Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid, 6.5" X 40"
[(Apollo’s Fire X (Moonlight Masquerade X Stunning in the Sun Seedling)) X Unknown] X [((Apollo’s Fire X Stunning in the Sun) X Gigaflutter) X (Gigaflutter X Paula Burgener)]

Justin Buetter has been working at Dynamic Daylilies for two years. He is a lover of daylilies and has been hybridizing his own daylilies. This one is particularly admired by him for its stunning appearance in the gardens. Tall and bright – it stands out among our typical oranges and reds. It’s a 6 generation Burgener hybrid – lots of strong Ontario genetics mixed with some great daylilies from other hybridizers. H. Moonlit Masquerade gives it its dark eye, and H. Apollo’s Fire gives it height. H. Gigaflutter and H. Paula Jane Burgener provide vigor in Ontario and comfortable winter hardiness. An unusual color and pattern for a very tall daylily. You will Absolutely Love It too.
6.5 inch flowers on a 40 inch stalk, and 10 - 20 buds that bloom from mid July to mid August (bloomed from July 19 to Aug 19 in 2021). Semi-Evergreen, very hardy in our northern climate. Pod and Pollen fertile.

Price: $150.00 SF

Light Drama