Awesome Amethyst $150


Justin’s Absolute Love $150


Rebecca’s Rhapsody $200

Dynamic Sunrise $200

Dr. Ramon Barnes $200

Artistic Expression $120

Light Drama $60


Samsational $150

Lighthouse Blaze $100


Dragon Flame $100


Bronze Dragon $80


Paula B. $100


Gigaflutter $100

Cowabunga $70

Mirah's Choice $70

Stunning $60

Ariana Astounding $60

Mombasa Memories $60

Pixie Laughter $60

Late Opulence $80

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Dynamic Sunrise
Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid, 6" X 36"
Pod Parent: [(Kirchoff Seedling X Flame of Hades) X (Unknown X (((Heron X unknown) X Olympic Showcase) X Stunning in the Sun))]
Pollen Parent: Lighthouse Blaze

Dynamic Sunrise is beautifully stained in reds on a yellow golden background, just like an early morning sunrise with some clouds to catch the reds from the sunlight. Its kids often have similar patterns or somewhat stronger patterns. Vigorous - one of my staff tried a bunch of experiments on it and declared it dead, but it came back the next summer as beautiful as ever. It is a slow divider. I had hoped to register it 3 years ago but did not have enough divisions. Its parents are often rebloomers, but I have not seen Dynamic Sunrise rebloom. A great parent and spectacular presence in your garden.

6 inch flowers on a 28 inch stalk, and 15 - 18 buds that bloom from mid July to early August. Semi-Evergreen, very hardy in our northern climate. Pod and Pollen Fertile.

Price: $200.00 SF

Dynamic Sunrise Plant
Some Seedlings of Dynamic Sunrise: